War of times

After the century war with creatures from planet Eridanus, people left destroyed Earth and moved to live on the planet of Viona. For humanity began its new era – the era of revival. People created the new race of Geneconcentrates and settled them on the Earth, so they will rebuild from the ruins the planet’s nature. A geneconcentrate Zey-Bi out of curiosity took the invention of her brother, and traveled to the past of the Earth, to England of the XVII century. Due to the break of the time travel invention, she lost the opportunity to return back to her own time the XXIX century. Zey-Bi obeyed to her destiny and decided to wait until her brother will find her. She spent a year in the past full of adventures and tragic events not only for her, but also for people around her. Love, hatred, friendship and enmity – Zey-Bi learnt all these feelings in the past surrounded by people.