Elects of heavens

The peace finally established on the Earth, after million years of enmity of humans with each other, But nothing last forever, that peace was ruined by extraterrestrials from planet Karmagan. Using the unknown powerful weapon, they moved the Earth from the axis. Mountains are razed to the ground, the oceans cover the continents and all creatures on Earth in one moment died as a result of unknown catastrophe. A thousand people who miraculously survived after catastrophe, found safe haven in Egypt, the only land which due to its geo location was not flooded. Survivals will find out about indestructibility of the seventh miracle of light, the construction which remained to descendants from an ancient civilization. In sands of the desert, near the tombs of great pharaohs, people found crypts with a hieroglyphic message of antient priests. The sacral letters opened to people the secrets of stars. For the sake of rescue of humankind, people left the planet. In the wanderings around the boundless of Universe, they found the Truth.