About Author

Elizabeth Tudor (full name Lala Elizabeth Tudor Hassenberg) – science fiction, horror, mystery and adventure writer. She was born in Azerbaijani-Jewish family in July 26th, 1978. Elizabeth Tudor got her first Bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence from AIU in 1998. Later she graduated from Florida International University with Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and completed her Mater’s in Law degree at University of Miami School of Law.

She started her creativity in 1994. Her first science fiction novel, “War of Times”, was published in 2001. Later on were published her two books – “Elects of Heavens”, the first volume of trilogy and “Murderer Chupacabra”, the collection of fantastic and adventure stories. Elizabeth Tudor’s first historical-fiction novel, “Secrets of Underwater Caspian”, was successfully published in the following year along with with science-fiction novel “Seven Envoys”.

The next 2005 year was remarkable for author by the publication of the second and third volume of trilogy – “Exiles of Heavens” and “Masters of Heavens”. The science-fiction novel “Collision” and collection of stories and short novels “The Shadow of Centuries” were published in 2007.

In the following years Elizabeth Tudor was working under the series of historical-fiction novels named Saros. Nowadays were published three books of Saros – “Kevin Connor”, “Aaron Shmuel” and “Barack Kellerman”.